ReadySeal Kiln-dried Sand

ReadySeal Kiln-dried quartz sand with a grain size of 0.3-0.8 mm for hand casting into the wet surface of the applied ReadySeal Primer.

The substrate should be primed with ReadySeal Primer prior to the immediate broadcasting of the kiln-dried quartz sand into the wet ReadySeal primer.

A5196 Adhesive Kit

Radmat A5196 is a solvent-free two component polyurethane adhesive (2K PU) that is resistant to water, chemicals and extreme temperatures (-30°C to 150°C) once fully cured. Suitable for bonding most types of insulation (EPS, PIR, CG and XPS) to metal, timber and concrete decks Radmat A5196 meets EMICODE EC1 plus specification.

Ensure all surfaces to be bonded are clean and free from grease, dust and other contaminants. Ceramic or polished surfaces should be abraded prior to being bonded. 

1. Mix components A & B as a complete kit. If only a small area is to be covered mix the 2 components at a ratio of 5.7:1 by weight. 

2. Apply the mixed adhesive to the substrate with a scraper or notched-trowel. 

3. Bed the insulation into the adhesive applying sufficient weight to ensure the two substrates are in contact. 

Consumption will depend on the smoothness of the surface, typically achieving between 4.5m2 and 8.5m2 per kit. 

Setting time
Once mixed pot life is 20 minutes at 20°C.

Cure time at 20°C is 180 minutes. 

Full cure at 20°C is 24 hours. 

Walkable after 20 – 30 minutes 

Delivery Conditions
5kg kit consisting of lid, cuvette and foil bag. 

Radmat A5196 Part A, 5.6 litre poly pail. 

Radmat A5196 Part B, foil bag. 


ReadySeal G120 Reinforcement Fleece


Radmat G120 Reinforcement Fleece is a reinforcing membrane for embedding into ReadySeal to aid in the reinforcement of construction details, flashing joints, cracks and gaps.

For a comprehensive NBS J31 specification contact Radmat Building Products.

Embed reinforcement fleece into ReadySeal immediately after the first coat, ensuring a smooth application by carefully using a soft brush. Ensure each roll of Fleece overlaps the previous by at least 75mm. Install in accordance with the Directions of Application in the ReadySeal Waterproofing Membrane Product Data Sheet.

See Product Data sheet for detailed information.


ReadySeal Pre-Wipe Kit

ReadySeal Pre-Wipe Kit contains specially selected cloths and high performance solution in a trigger spray that removes contaminants from the surface of ReadySeal prior to the application of ReadySeal Surface Primer.

ReadySeal Pre-wipe Kit should be used whenever applying new ReadySeal to ReadySeal that has been allowed to cure for more than 9 hours.

Designed specially for use with ReadySeal.

Sweep clean the surface of the existing ReadySeal to be wiped, typically this is the overlap area between applications, at penetrations or when repairing 3rd party damage.

Wipe the surface of the ReadySeal to be primed with the ReadySeal Pre-wipe Spray, a minimum 100mm wide area must be sprayed at the overlap or around a penetration or the point of damage.

Ensure the cloth being used to wipe the ReadySeal is clean. Use the ReadySeal cloth to wipe off the ReadySeal Pre-wipe Spray after 30 – 40 seconds. Dispose of the cloth when dirty.

Allow the surface to completely dry before applying ReadySeal Surface Primer or ReadySeal.

Always test on a small hidden portion of the surface to be cleaned to check compatibility and performance before commencing with the whole area.

Do not use below 5°C or above 30°C.

See Product Data sheet for detailed information.


ReadySeal is a BBA Certified one component silane-terminated polyether liquid applied waterproofing membrane. Suitable for use as a roof waterproofing membrane on warm, cold, inverted and green roofs in flat roof, pitched roof, roof terrace, podium deck, balcony* and walkway* applications including protected zero fall specifications. When used as part of a roof system classified under BS EN 13501-5 ReadySeal achieves Broof(t4), contact Radmat Building Products for certification information and build-ups. Plasticiser, cyanate, and solvent free ReadySeal has a BBA assessed service life of in excess of 30 years.

For a comprehensive NBS J31 specification contact Radmat Building Products.

*including enclosed balconies over heated space, insulated walkways and specified attachments such as projecting open balconies, projecting enclosed balconies, recessed open balconies or recessed enclosed balconies.

BBA Certification No. 20/5797

• One component without mixing
• Plasticiser free
• Cyanate free

• New Build and Refurbishment applications
• Inverted roof specification on flat and zero fall roofs with limited access or pedestrian access
• Protected warm and cold roof specifications e.g. covered by pavers or other suitable protection on flat and zero fall roofs with limited or pedestrian access
• Green roof specifications (extensive) on pitched, flat and zero fall roofs with limited access
• Exposed warm and cold roof specifications on flat and pitched roofs with limited access
• Roof terraces
• Podium decks
• Protected enclosed balconies over heated space
• Protected Insulated walkways
• Protected Specified Attachments such as projecting open balconies, projecting enclosed balconies, recessed open balconies or recessed enclosed balconies
• As an overlay waterproofing to existing asphalt and bitumen felt roofs (may require priming)
• As the primary waterproofing or to upgrade roof gutters, metal or fibre cement sheeting and cement particle panels

See Product Data sheet for detailed information.