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PermaQuik – Hot Melt Monolithic Membrane

PermaQuik is applied in two layers that encapsulate the PQ2017 polyester reinforcing fleece, PermaQuik combines excellent waterproofing performance with toughness, durability, flexibility and strong adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Developed in Canada in the 1960’s, PermaQuik is manufactured in the UK following extensive research and development with Shell UK in our ISO14001 production facility. Its unique blend of bitumen, natural rubbers and polymers create a membrane that has self-healing properties, can be installed to zero falls in accordance with BBA Information Bulletin No 4 and has a BBA Certified durability for ‘the design life of the roof in which it is incorporated’.

Installed to achieve a minimum thickness of 6mm, PermaQuik PQ6100 is finished with either a standard or root prevention wearing sheet prior to being electronically tested. In Inverted roof applications Radmat ProTherm Inverted Roof Insulation board and MinK water control layer are installed prior to the chosen surface finish. A range of finishes are possible, including paving, ballast, timber decking and Radmat MedO living green roofs.
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