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Roof Design


A wide range of decking materials may be encountered when refurbishing existing buildings, to establish the condition of the roof structure a Radmat Total Care survey should be carried out.  Additionally the survey will ensure that the condition of the existing roof is suitable to receive the proposed roofing system, establishing if the moisture content and stability of existing materials will impair the integrity of the roof. On no account should softboard or chipboard be considered as suitable materials for re-roofing over due to the risk of deflection and/or softening.

When upgrading thermal insulation or installing a tapered insulation scheme consideration should be given to the raising of upstand heights to achieve a minimum 150mm height above finished waterproofing level.

Where mechanical attachment is proposed pullout tests will establish the level and consistency of restraint provided by the existing deck.

The selection of components interfacing with or draining onto the Radmat waterproofing system should be discussed in detail with Radmat at the earliest possible opportunity. This ensures complete compatibility between components and assists the development of appropriate detailing prior to construction on site.

To organise a Radmat Total Care survey contact your local Area Technical Manager.