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Quantum PLUS+ U-values

Radmat Building Products design and calculate every Quantum PLUS+ scheme in house, offering a full service from initial outline design, thermal calculation to pre-delivery site survey. Considering the insulation early in the design process will ensure maximum thermal performance achieved, by the minimum available thickness.

Calculating the U-value accurately requires a good understanding of the roof dimensions and the location of anything bridging the insulation zone. Examples being: fall arrest and balustrade posts, plinths, rooflights, soil vent pipes etc. The location of these bridging elements will have an effect on the percentage of XPS Infill required, this percentage is then considered when calculating the U-value for the roof area by an ‘area weighted U-value calculation’.

For project specific U-value and SSL-FFL calculations please e-mail your project details, together with your target U-value and SSL-FFL, to quantum@radmat.com or call 01858 410372.