VEDATOP® SU is a self-adhesive SBS-modified base layer reinforced with a high tear resistant carrier. Suitable for use in a 2-layer EshaFlex Reinforced Bitumen Membrane (RBM) roofing system in a new or refurbishment warm roof system finished with torch applied EshaFlex 370 FireSafe.

VEDATOP® SU exceeds the minimum requirements of BS EN 13707 Flexible sheets for waterproofing.  

Suitable for application over primed ProTherm PIR ADHERED, ProTherm PIR ADHERED Tapered, ProTherm PIR TORCH, ProTherm PIR TORCH Tapered, ProTherm ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® and ProTherm FOAMGLAS®, primed masonry, primed concrete or primed existing roof surfaces subject to evaluation.

VEDATOP® SU is classified as product type T to BS EN 13969 .

VEDATOP® SU is not suitable as a primary waterproofing membrane in warm roof or inverted roof applications.


VEDATOP® SU is fully cold bonded to a surface pre-coated with Radmat Red Primer.

• Application only at temperatures above 10°C.

• The temperature of the substrate and membrane should be at least 10°C.

• VEDATOP® SU must be installed with an 80 mm side lap. Overlaps are sealed by removing the foil of the side lap. 

• VEDATOP® SU must be installed with an 80 mm end lap. End laps must be staggered by 500mm from the previous/next end lap. 

• T-joints must be cut in an angle of 45°C and the step rollered in after the application of heat.

   Installation in accordance with the Radmat specification.