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ProTherm Quantum

The world’s thinnest inverted roof insulation


Once in a while a British product is developed which is an industry game changer. Quantum is an innovative insulation system that can revolutionise a construction build. With a dramatic reduction in depth and no loss of thermal performance, it is brought to market at a time when we urgently need smarter products to conserve resources and save energy.

A global leader in the manufacture of high-performance materials, Kingspan Insulation has worked exclusively with Radmat to develop Quantum VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) as the system choice for any inverted roof, terrace or balcony.

Main benefits of ProTherm Quantum:

  • Solves most height restriction issues
  • Up to 5 x better thermal performance
  • 90+% recyclable
  • 0.008 W/mk thermal conductivity
  • UK manufactured

Quantum VIP Insulation Panel