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ProTherm Quantum PLUS+

The world’s thinnest inverted roof insulation just got thinner

BBA Certified in 2016, the ProTherm VIP Inverted Roof Insulation System has undergone continual development since then, resulting in an elastomeric coated ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+, the most robust and thinnest VIP insulation for inverted roof design. BBA Certified for use in roofs, roof terraces, enclosed balconies over heated space and insulated walkways in an inverted roof construction, green and blue roofs built over heated spaces*. State of the art ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ can reduce the thickness of inverted roofing systems without compromising thermal performance, whilst still achieving level thresholds.

With a BBA Certified ‘Design’ (corrected) lambda value lowered from 0.008 to 0.007 W/mK, ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+ can dramatically reduce the thickness of a finished inverted roof or roof terrace.

The power behind the elastomeric coated high thermal efficiency, the ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+ VIP Inverted Roof Insulation System, is a rigid Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP). Consisting of a compressed fumed silica sand micro-porous core which is evacuated of air and moisture, the core is encased in a special thin, gas-tight, hybrid aluminium foil envelope before having all air removed and the overlap joints sealed. The resulting VIP panel gives an outstanding thermal conductivity, providing the thinnest possible inverted roof insulation solution currently available.

Whether designing an inverted roof to achieve the lowest possible Surface Slab Level to Finished Floor Level (SSL-FFL), or rectifying unexpected slab or floor level issues, ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+ VIP Inverted Roof Insulation System is rapidly becoming the system of choice for inverted roofs, podiums and roof terraces.

*ProTherm Quantum® PLUS+ is not suitable for use in inverted roof applications on specified attachments such as projecting open balconies, projecting enclosed balconies, recessed open balconies or recessed enclosed balconies.