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ProTherm Warm Roof Insulation

As the UK heads on a path to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 the selection of the correct thermal insulation and more importantly the calculation of the insulation’s thermal performance of a specific building is becoming ever more important, especially with around 25 percent of building heat loss being through the roof. Radmat Building Products team of roof insulation experts provide a comprehensive design service using industry recognised calculation software to provide thermal performance calculations for each project. The wide range of insulation products within the Radmat portfolio also allow our team of experts to provide guidance and advice on the selection of thermal insulation to meet the challenges of roof height, roof thickness, level thresholds and other design challenges.

Warm roof insulation, where the insulation is installed below the waterproofing, provides thermal performance, a suitable surface to walk on and in the case of bonded waterproofing a surface to adhere to. All ProTherm warm roof insulation boards are available in uniform thickness or tapered options. Suitable for roofs, roof terraces, podiums and balconies the selection of the correct product to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part B, Part L, Part M and NHBC Chapter 7.1 are key design decisions that Radmat Building Products can assist with, helping to ensure regulatory and design compliance.

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