EshaMetal 400

EshaMetal – Drip Edges and Flashings


EshaMetal is used to form metal drip edges and flashings when used in conjunction with EshaPlan B, MF and FB. Consisting of 0.6mm thick hot dipped galvanised steel sheet coated with a layer of 0.6mm non-reinforced EshaPlan to provide an overall finished thickness of 1.2mm. Available as flat sheets for fabrication by the Radmat Approved Contractor or as pre-formed trims.

Available in the range:

Drip Edge Detail 
Face: 75mm
Leg: 100mm
Length: 2000mm

Water Check Detail
Face: 89mm
Leg: 80mm
Length: 2000mm

Inserted Termination Detail
Face: 80mm
Leg: 20mm
Length: 2000mm

For all applicable roofing systems contact Radmat Building Products and see BBA certificate No. 15/5219.

For a comprehensive NBS J42 specification contact Radmat Building Products.


See Product Data Sheet for further details.