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About Us

Radmat takes its responsibilities to its employees, clients and the environment seriously. One method employed to ensure our commitments are communicated widely is to implement, and regularly review, a range of Policy Documents. These are issued to all staff on joining the Company and re-issuing them whenever updated. Many of these documents form part of our annual Achilles Building Confidence audit and through this website we make relevant documents publicly available.

HR001 – Radmat Training & Development Policy

HR004 – Radmat Health & Safety Policy

HR006 – Radmat Environmental Policy

HR008 – Radmat Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

HR009 – Radmat Modern Slavery & Labour Exploitation Policy

HR010 – Radmat Working at Height Policy

HR011 – Radmat Lone Worker Policy

HR013 – Radmat Anti-Bribery Policy

HR014 – Radmat Equal Opportunities Policy

HR015 – Radmat Legal Compliance Procedure

HR017 – Radmat Company Quality Policy

HR019 – Radmat Worksafe Policy

HR020 – Radmat Alcohol, Drug and Substance Misuse Policy