EshaFlex System

Reinforced Bitumen Membrane EshaFlex_logo SBS modified Reinforced Bitumen Membranes for use as partially bonded, fully bonded or mechanically fixed roof waterproofing on zero falls, flat or pitched roofs. Suitable for refurbishment, new build and green roof applications. EshaFlex membranes are BBA Certified for ‘in excess of 30 years’ and can achieve a BRE Green Guide to Specification A+ ratings. EshaFlex membranes feature Groove Technology®, a patented underside finish that ensures the heat acts only where it is needed, reducing warming of the membrane, increasing melting of the PE foil. In application this means that EshaFlex membranes require up to 45 grams per m² (25%) less gas, reduce COproduction by up to 168 g/m² reducing installation times by up to 30%.

EshaPlan B Glass Fibre Membrane


EshaPlan B is a glass fibre reinforced PVC-P membrane designed for use in fully adhered applications on UV exposed roofs including;

• For non-accessible roofs with a slope (>1%)
• On substrates in concrete, steel-deck, timber or wood datives boards
• On insulation boards: complying with supplier’s technical documentation & local regulations
• On new roof or in reproofing

For all applicable roofing systems contact Radmat Building Products and see BBA certificate No. 15/5219.

For a comprehensive NBS J42 specification contract Radmat Building Products.


EshaPlan B is adhered to suitable substrates using EshaBond CA contact adhesive to provide the critical bond of the membrane; this system helps distribute stresses equally across the whole roof area.