MedO SedumPlug

Radmat SedumPlug are low maintenance, drought resistant, ready to install sedum plug plants grown in the UK to suit the environment climate.

The range of species provides the opportunity to select plant mixes to achieve a variety of objectives including: extending the flowering season, managing degrees of shade or exposure, orientation and/or indigenous planting requirements.

Install by hand into a suitably prepared and irrigated Radmat growing medium at the specified rate per m². Insert so root ball is below the finished growing medium surface.

Once installed irrigate for the prescribed period based on season.

Approved Document B Fire Safety points to the DCLG document Fire Performance of Green Roofs and Walls for best practice guidance in achieving Regulation 7(2) fire compliance with a green roof.  DCLG Fire Performance of Green Roofs and Walls states that the compliance requirements for achieving Broof(t4) are a growing medium layer of a minimum 80mm and an organic content of not more than 50% ( In addition, The Green Roof Organisation (GRO) Code of Best Practice, also recommends fire breaks consisting of 50mm deep 20/40mm rounded ballast are used at perimeters and penetrations. Gravel fire/vegetation breaks should be 500mm wide where they abut habitable space but can be reduced to 300mm in some circumstances. Key to ensuring ongoing fire performance of a green roof, and the plant performance, is maintenance as some plants will die back, others will shed leaves naturally during their lifecycle and invasive species will try to take hold. These factors all create additional organic matter that could poses a fire spread risk on the roof therefore unwanted organic matter should be removed as part of the maintenance program.

EshaPlan FB


EshaPlan FB is a glass fleece reinforced PVC-P membrane with an integral polyester fleece backing specifically designed for use in adhered applications where it provides an ideal solution for roofs with complex geometries or where it is not permissible for fixings to penetrate the substrate.

For all applicable roofing systems contact Radmat Building Products and see BBA certificate No. 15/5219.

For a comprehensive NBS J42 specification contact Radmat Building Products.


EshaPlan FB is adhered to the substrate using EshaBond PU adhesive to provide the critical bond of the membrane; this system helps distribute stresses equally across the whole roof area.

Overlaps must be hot air welded.

EshaPlan MF


EshaPlan MF polyester reinforced PVC-P membrane designed for use in mechanical fastened applications on UV exposed roofs including;

• For non-accessible roofs with a sloop (>1%)
• On substrates in concrete, steel-deck, timber or wood datives boards
• On insulation boards: complying with supplier’s technical documentation & local regulations
• On new roof or in reproofing

For all applicable roofing systems contact Radmat Building Products and see BBA certificate No. 14/5085.

For a comprehensive NBS J42 specification contract Radmat Building Products.


EshaPlan MF can also be adhered to suitable substrates using EshaBond CA contact adhesive to provide the critical bond of the membrane; this system helps distribute stresses equally across the whole roof area.

Crossrail Place

Radmat Building Products has supplied the waterproofing roofing system for the Crossrail Place shopping development and roof garden in Canary Wharf. The system provides high performance waterproofing and thermal insulation – guaranteed for the lifetime of the structure – and has enabled the construction of an extensively planted living roof.

The 310m long roof arches 30m over the park and opens to allow natural irrigation

Highly insulating roofing materials help create a microclimate for the gardens

Radmat Approved Contractor Prater delivered a 9,300m2 roofing solution using PermaQuik PQ6100 Hot Melt Monolithic Waterproofing Membrane, EshaFlex 370 WS Root Barrier and ProTherm insulation.

Construction access to the complex inverted timber roof was challenging, so Radmat’s products were chosen for their quick and flexible application and fast-sealing properties.

PermaQuik is widely used beneath green roof installations where long-term weather tightness is a necessity, and it was chosen to support the extensive and densely planted gardens, which are the main feature of the Crossrail Place roof terrace.

The PermaQuik membrane was followed by EshaFlex 370 WS Root Barrier, a reinforced bitumen membrane that is torch applied to the base sheet. It was selected because of its thermal efficiency and suitability for use with living roof systems. Partnered with ProTherm’s excellent insulation, the complex timber roof now boasts a waterproof system that is BBA Certified to last the lifetime of the building.

The wooden structure evokes the ships that once sailed into West India Dock and provides a warm, natural counterpoint to the steel and glass towers of Canary Wharf.

And with Radmat’s high performance products and lifetime guarantee, the green roof terrace at Crossrail Place will be a living oasis in the heart of London’s financial district for years to come.

Knauf Learning Centre

For a striking modernist building overlooking the marshlands of North Kent, leading flat roof system provider Radmat Building Products have supplied a guaranteed roofing system which is set to deliver the high standards of environmental performance and long term waterproofing integrity.

The new building near Sittingbourne – referred to as The Cube – has been designed by architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) for Knauf UK and contains a reception area, product gallery, technical support office, seminar and boardroom facilities and a drywall training school.

With environmental considerations at the forefront of the challenging split level design, the roof coverings formed a key part of the building’s sustainability strategy and helped the building achieving a BREEAM Very Good rating. AHMM specified the Radmat EshaUniversal Single Layer Waterproofing System and MedO Green Roof System to ensure a guaranteed, watertight, high performance system.

Offering ease of application and suitable for a wide range of applications including warm roofs, inverted roofs, loose laid ballasted roofs and green roofs, EshaUniversal is manufactured from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. This shrink-free, low embodied energy membrane is flexible, stable and durable.

For the 850m2 roof area, Radmat Approved Contractor Premier Roofing Systems Limited installed the EshaUniversal membrane over both metal and concrete decking along with an EshaBase vapour control layer and ProTherm thermal insulation.

The mid-level roof incorporates EshaUniversal with a 250m MedO Extensive Sedum green roof which the top level seminar room looks out over.

The completed building has strong ‘green’ credentials. Alongside the sustainable MedO Extensive Sedum roof it features a highly insulated and airtight building envelope, PV panels, energy efficient lighting, low flush toilets, drainage design and reduced waste to landfill.

With Radmat involved in every step of the process from design through to completion and offering comprehensive technical support, the specification of the EshaUniversal System has played a key part in helping to deliver a guaranteed and versatile roofing system which will protect the building from the elements for years to come.

See Case Study

Library of Birmingham

Also the largest public cultural space in Europe, the new 35,000m2 Library of Birmingham replaces the old Central Library and is seen by Birmingham City Council as a flagship project for the redevelopment of the city. Designed by architects Mecanoo, working with multi-discipline engineers Buro Happold and main contractor Carillion, the multi-tiered roof of the library features two garden terraces which have both contributed to the BREEAM Excellent rating.

Radmat Approved Contractor Prater delivered a roofing solution that is BBA Certified to last ‘the life of the building’. Consisting of Radmat PermaQuik PQ6100 Hot Melt Monolithic waterproofing membrane, root resistant Cap Sheet and ProTherm inverted roof insulation, the entire roof was electronically tested for integrity prior to the installation of aluminum powder coated cappings to the perimeter roof upstands.

Once the installation of the 7,500m. of PermaQuik PQ6100 roofing system on the roof and ground level podium deck was signed off by a Radmat Technical Adviser, Prater brought in specialist green roof contractor Frost Landscapes. They then carried out the installation of the complex intensive green roofs, at levels 3 and 7, which were created to attract local wildlife and to offer visitors a pleasant environment to enjoy all year round.

Combining durability and flexibility with independent verification of life expectancy and a market leading guarantee the PermaQuik PQ6100 Hot Melt Monolithic waterproofing system is set to deliver exceptional performance befitting of the uniquely designed structure which has set a remarkably high standard for library design.

With Radmat’s high performance roofing solution providing weathertight protection for years to come, the Library of Birmingham looks set to not only form the catalyst for further regeneration within the city but also how future libraries are designed and perceived by the user.

See Case Study