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Product Data

Blue Roof - Attentuation Modules

A Radmat Blue Roof system offers an effective means of providing a Sustainable Drainage solution (SuDS) in inner city and urban environments, attenuating rainfall at roof level to provide controlled drainage of rainwater from the site.

Suitable for zero falls flat roofs, terraces and podiums a Blue Roof can be finished with paving, ballast or a green roof system: delivering amenity and rainwater source control without having to locate storage tanks underground.

Designed to attenuate water for no more than a 24 hour period from the end of the maximum designed rainfall event, the discharge rate will be calculated by Radmat to allow the SW Geocells to be half empty of attenuated water in a 12 hour period.

Radmat’s PermaQuik PQ6100 is the UK’s first waterproofing system BBA Certified for use in Blue Roof applications, enabling the specification of waterproofing, insulation, blue roof and green roof system from a single source.