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Product Data

Blue Roof System

A Radmat Blue Roof system consists of Blue Roof Geocells, a Geotextile filter fleece, flow control outlets and overflows. The Blue Roof system is installed above the thermal insulation in an inverted roof system, and above the waterproofing in a warm roof system.

Available in 2 different colours, SWG Green Geocells are suitable for most roofing applications whilst SWB Black Geocells have an additional 40% loading capacity making them suitable for use beneath heavy roof mounted plant or for vehicular access such as MUPES.

When installed on site the SWG or SWB Geocells are fully wrapped in the Geotextile Filter Fleece, with the Geocells interconnected using a unique butterfly clip to provide a stable ‘rafted’ base for the roof finishes.

Radmat flow control outlets seal the ProTherm XPS X MK into the outlet tray ensuring rainwater does not back up beneath the insulation. Within the flow control outlet is an adjustable orifice plate that is set to the required control level as calculated by the Radmat design team. Within the flow control outlet design is an inbuilt overflow capability, ensuring that the Geocells never go over the calculated maximum capacity (H Max).

Any redundant outlets in the drainage design are ‘blanked off’ with overflow outlets.

The Radmat Blue Roof is finished is suitable for zero falls flat roofs, terraces and podiums and can be finished with paving on pedestal, bedded paving, 20/40mm rounded ballast or a green roof system such as Radmat MedO system or an Intensive system by others.