Quantum: another world first!

BBA Certification for ProTherm Quantum has now been released making it the world’s first BBA Certificated Inverted Roof Insulation.

The result of a 2-year approval process the achievement of this landmark event will further strengthen the growth of ProTherm Quantum in the specification market, where the systems unique ability to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L, Part M and NHBC Chapter 7.1 whilst achieving threshold heights previously not possible is in increasing demand. Quantum is suitable for use with any waterproofing system BBA Certified for inverted roof applications.

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BBA-ProTherm Certificates



PQ6100 is a hot melt monolithic membrane consisting of a blend of synthetic rubber and natural rubber in a specially selected compatible bitumen.

The unique blend of PQ6100 produces a product that gives excellent waterproofing performance with toughness, flexibility and adhesion over a very wide temperatures beyond conventional bitumens and asphalts. When combined with other components in the Radmat range PQ6100 provides various options for waterproofing systems.


Cakes of PQ6100 are heated in an insulated and oscillating bitumen roofing kettle (heater) fitted with thermometers to measure the melt and oil temperatures. The nominal temperature range for the molten PQ6100 is 190°C to 205°C. The temperature of the melt should not exceed 215°C.

Installation to be according to guidelines and specifications supplied by Radmat Building Products.