ParaFlex Topsiegel

ParaFlex Topsiegel is used to enhance the appearance and modify the colour of ParaFlex sealants used on flat roofs. ParaFlex Topsiegel also removes the residual tack which forms on surfaces during the ParaFlex Topsiegel curing process.

ParaFlex Topsiegel is based on a polyurethane prepolymer and is resistant to dilute acids, alkaline solutions and all weathering influences. It also provides adequate protection against alkalinity (if concrete is also laid over the coating).

Seals improved by ParaFlex Topsiegel remain clean and are easily cleaned if necessary. In the case of light colour shades, surface heating through reflection is minimised.

ParaFlex Topsiegel is UV-stabilised and therefore resistant to ageing, resistant to spreading fire and radiant heat.

ParaFlex Topsiegel is a single-component product and hardens with exposure to air. The material may be used straight from the container and is therefore economical to use even on small areas.

Rainproof after approx. 30 min. Walkable after approx. 5 hrs and able to take all loads after 7 days. With special paints depends on amount of crosslinking agent added (10 – 30 g/kg).