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SitaTrendy Insulated Rainwater Outlets

SitaTrendy rainwater outlets are a robust polyurethane cast construction providing thermal insulation from the surrounding structure which prevents the build-up of condensation to the underside. Units are either factory sealed to a 495 x 495mm connection flange for direct compatibility with Radmat waterproofing systems or provided with a clamping-ring arrangement for mechanical connection to the surround waterproofing system. For cold-applied liquid waterproofing systems the membrane is bonded directly onto the polyurethane outlet body. 


• Suitable for Built-up Warm, Inverted and Cold Roof applications 

• Thermally insulated body to DIN EN 1253-2 

• High discharge rate of up to 6.1 l/s to BS EN 12056-3:2000 

• Homogeneous roofing membrane connection or aluminium clamping flange arrangement 

• Available in sizes DN 70 (75mm), DN 100 (110mm) 

• Weather Resistant (UV/IR radiation, rain/snow, temperature, ozone, etc.) 

• Impact and shock resistant 

• Includes Dome Grate / Leaf Guard 

• Easy to install 

Description Value/Material
Outlet Body
Leaf Guard
Clamping Range (where specified)
Membrane Flange
SBS Bitumen (standard) 
Sizes DN 70 (75mm), DN 100 (110mm)
Depth of Unit including Spigot  258 mm 
Fire Classification Euroclass E
Temperature Resistance Minimum  -40°C 
Temperature Resistance Maximum 80°C 
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