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ProScreed X Levelling Screed


ProScreed X is a two-component cold liquid applied levelling screed suitable for localised infilling and levelling of concrete structures prior to the installation of installation of the Radmat waterproofing system. ProScreed can also be installed over PermaQuik waterproofing.

Heavy duty, water free and ultra-fast curing ProScreed can also be used as a repair mortar or a screed on cementitious substrates.

Moldable, chemical and UV resistant, solvent and isocyanate free, mechanically resistant and water resistant with a high compressive strength of circa 60n/mm² with a density of approximately 2.10Kg/mm/m²


Trowel or tamp ensuring that the material is very well compacted at a thickness of a minimum of 3mm and a maximum of 50mm. For layer thickness in excess of 50mm, allow the previous layer to cure and apply multiple layers of between 3mm and 50mm each.

Condition Time
Rainproof Approx. 30 minutes
Can be walked on/overcoated Approx. 45 minutes
Able to withstand stress Approx. 1 hour

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