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EshaPUR 95/25 Oxidised Bitumen

EshaPur 95/25 is a hot applied oxidised bitumen solution for use on metal, concrete, stone or timber. 95/25 is a bituminous product manufactured by air blowing of penetration grade bitumen, at high temperature, resulting in a material of a much higher penetration index. 

This product, utilised in the industrial sector, exhibits predominantly “solid” characteristics at ambient temperatures and provides excellent adhesive and waterproofing qualities when applied hot and allowed to cool. 

The designation of the 95/25 refers to the mid point of the softening point acceptance criteria followed by the mid point of the penetration acceptance criteria (as can be seen in the specification below). 

This material conforms to the requirement of the framework specification of BS EN 13304. 

The roof area to be covered must be dry and clean, free from dust, dirt, grease or any other material, which may impair adhesion. Structural repairs should be made where necessary. 

Prime absorbent surfaces with EshaPrimer in accordance with its application instructions. Allow primer to dry thoroughly before EshaPur is applied. 

EshaPur should be broken into small lumps and put into a thermostatically controlled bitumen boiler a piece at a time, adding a piece at a time until there is sufficient molten adhesive for the work in hand and the bitumen attains its normal working temperature of 240°C. The use of a thermostatically controlled boiler helps minimise health and safety risks by ensuring the bitumen is not overheated. As with all bonding bitumen, do not heat above 260°C. 

Traditional pour and roll methods for bonding built-up roofing should be used. 

Only trained operatives should use hot bitumen. Always wear gloves and suitable personal protection equipment. 

Description Value
Penetration @ 25oC (dmm)  20-30 
Softening Point (oC) 90-100
Solubility in Xylene (% min)  99 
Loss on heating (% max)  0.5% 
Flash Point (oC) min)  250 



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