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Hot Melt Monolithic

PQ-T1520 Double Sided Sealing Tape

PQ-T1520 Double Sided Sealing Tape is double sided butyl rubber adhesive compound that provides an effective means of sealing and jointing EPDM membranes glass, steel, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, wood, aluminium, PVC and many other construction materials to PermaQuik PQ6100. Designed to connect flexibly sheets or panels not subjected to mechanical constraints, PQ-T1520 can be used for temporary fixing before a permanent mechanical junction.

Cold applied PQ-T1520 provides instantly and permanent adhesion with good shape stability and mechanical properties. Highly soft and flexible PQ-T1520 provides vapour and waterproof self-sealing combined with excellent heat stability.

PQ-T1520 provides no oil migration and is Solvent-free.

PQ-T1520 Double Sided Sealing Tape must be applied to a clean, dry, smooth and dust-free surface. When applying to PermaQuik PQ6100 do not apply to the surface protection sheet.

For applications between -5 °C and 0 °C ensure that there is no condensation on the surface. If applying on a porous surfaces ensure the surface is sealed and stabile.

Apply PQ-T1520 Double Sided Sealing Tape on the prepared surface and firmly press the PQ-T1520 to the surface using a roller. Remove the white release liner and apply the second surface on the sealing tape before firmly pressing into the PQ-T1520.


Description  Value
Thickness 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0mm
Roll Length 15m
Width 100mm
Packaging/delivery 6 rolls per box, 48 boxes per pallet

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