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Reinforced Bitumen Membranes - Primers

BlackOut Roofing Surface Conditioner

BlackOut Roofing Surface Conditioner is a low viscosity, high penetration, cold applied bituminous solution designed to prime and seal porous roof surfaces prior to the application of bituminous materials. 

BlackOut seals porous substrates and promotes the adhesion of bituminous waterproofing systems and sheet coverings. It may be applied to a range of surfaces: 

• Concrete
• Cement
• Metals – mild steel, zinc, lead
• Slate, lightweight concrete screeds. 

For a comprehensive NBS J31 specification contact Radmat Building Products. 

BlackOut Roofing Surface Conditioner should be applied by brush or roller ensuring an even coat with no pooling, or applied evenly by spray. 


The coverage per litre is dependent upon the porosity of the surface: 

• Metal surfaces: 6-12m² per litre 

• Concrete: 6-8m² per litre 

• Lightweight concrete screeds: 3.5-5m² per litre

See Safety Data Sheet.

Tin of paint 25L
Weight 25kg
Appearance Liquid
Colour Black
Drying time 1-4 hours
Application temperature Between 5°C – 30°C

Note: Contains Hydrocarbons, C9-C12, n-alkanes,
isoalkanes, cyclics, aromatics (2-25%)


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