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ProFlow S RBM Rainwater Outlets

ProFlow S RBM rainwater outlets are simple one-piece units that make installation an extremely quick and easy operation. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel the robust construction and unique factory bonded interface between the spigot and flange provides an impenetrable seal against water ingress: ensuring against water ingress and creating rainwater outlets that are very durable and long lasting. To further reduce the risk of water ingress into the building ProFlow S rainwater outlets are supplied with the versatile ‘O’ ring spigot seal.

One piece unit – quick installation

Heavy duty 400-600 mm long stainless steel spigot – durable, corrosion resistant

Unique factory bond between spigot and membrane flange – no water ingress

Can be made to fit into tight spaces – versatile, can be used in most areas

New build or refurbishment  applications – one type suits all

Fixing locations on stainless steel flange – ease of installation

Flush finish – minimal risk of ‘ponding’

Versatile ‘O’ ring seal – prevents water backflow

Many leaf guard options – designed for all applications

Easy installation – no special tooling required

Comprehensive range of sizes – solutions for most applications

Efficient water management is critical to the longevity of a building. Rainfall onto flat roofs needs to be correctly managed to protect the structure against ingress of water. When water falls on a roof it should be channeled in the correct direction, this can be aided by the use of tapered (or cut to falls) insulation.This is the ‘collection’ stage.

The water is then removed from the roof area by the ProFlow S RBM rainwater outlets making these products a vital component of the drainage system.

Water backup takes place when a blockage occurs within the main drainage pipework of the building. From the blockage the water ‘backs up’ the pipe until it reaches the point where the outlet has been installed. The seal of the ProFlow S RBM rainwater outlets spigot is therefore a critical point in both new build and refurbishment applications.

The ProFlow S RBM rainwater outlet ‘O’ ring seal meets the requirement of such a critical seal that is fail-safe and proven. In refurbishment applications, the stem of the ProFlow S RBM rainwater outlet is inserted inside the existing pipework and the seal at the base of the outlet ensures that the area is protected from water backup.

For assistance with rainwater and drainage calculations please contact your local Radmat Technical Adviser who will assist in ascertaining that the correct amount of water will be removed from the roof at any given time.


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