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Radmat PipePockets provide a quick and easy method of creating a waterproof pitch pocket, a method of waterproofing small or irregular shaped penetrations.  Manufactured from polyurethane elastomer, Radmat PipePockets consist of pre- formed elements for simple site assembly prior to being filled with PPR-5000 sealer, a fast setting solvent-free multi-use flexible sealant.  Suitable for use with PermaQuik, EshaFlex, EshaGum and EshaUniversal.


For sealing small, irregular shaped or difficult to detail penetrations on PermaQuik, EshaFlex, EshaGum and EshaUniversal roofing systems.

Ensure substrate is dry and clear of any loose gravel, dust granules or any foreign substances that can affect adhesion. The PPR 5000 (Parts A and B) should be kept at room temperature prior to use. PipePockets should not be installed or used in temperatures below 5°C. PipePockets are unable to accommodate any movement between finished base and the deck where installed.

Internal Dimensions Description
PP-100 (mm) 0-60 (mm) pipe diameters
PP-150 (mm) 0-110 (mm) pipe diameters
PP-200 (mm) 0-160 (mm) pipe diameters
PP-IC Inside corners
PP-OC Outside corners
PP-S-150 Straight 150mm
PP-S-200 Straight 200mm
PP-S-250 Straight 250mm
Depth 50mm
SDS Filler
SDS Resin

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