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Warm Roof Uniform Thickness Insulation

ProTherm Mineral Wool


ProTherm Mineral Wool insulation boards are manufactured from volcanic rock, producing a non-combustible Dual Density Mineral Wool insulation board that provides unique fire and acoustic performance. Suitable for use with EshaFlex, EshaGum, EshaPlan, EshaUniversal and ParaFlex roofing systems either bonded to an EshaBase vapour control layer using EshaStik adhesive or mechanically fastening using appropriate ProFast fasteners and pressure plates.

Achieves LPC LPS1181: Part 1 EXT A rating, complies with Zurich School and Academy Design guide and HTM05-03 guidance for healthcare.


• ProTherm Mineral Wool should be mechanically fastened to the structural deck using ProFast tube washers and mechanical fasteners in accordance with the Radmat specification.

• Attach using one fastener centrally per board.

• Butt joint edges in a break bonded, staggered pattern laid at right angles to the edges of the roof or diagonally across the roof.

• Torch apply with minimum heat at all times onto the facing.

• Never apply the flame to the insulation facing.

• Consider using flame/edge guards when torching.

In the event of any doubt, please contact Radmat Building Products.

Description  Value
Board Width 1000mm
Board Thickness 60mm, 85mm, 105mm, 115mm, 150mm, 170mm, 185mm, 210mm, 235mm, 244
Board Length 1200mm
Board weight (150mm thick) 28.8 kg
Edge Profile Square cut

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