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Pitch/PipePocket Sealer Kit


Benefits of Pitch/PipePocket Sealer:

• Compatible with most substrates

• High levels of adhesion

• Flexible

• Tough and durable

• Impact resistant

• Cold liquid applied – no risk of fire during application

• Exceptionally fast curing / rainproof times even at low temperatures

• Simple application

• Suitable for application at temperatures down to 0ºC / relative humidity up to 95%

• Hydrolysis resistant

• UV resistant

• Solvent free

• Isocyanate free


Substrate pre-treatment / preparation 

Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil and any other contaminants.

Layer thickness 3 – 50mm.

Note: For thicknesses in excess of 50mm use multiple layers.

Drying time • Rainproof: approximately 30 minutes

• Can be walked on / next layer applied: approximately 45 minutes

• Can be subjected to loads after: approximately 1 hour

Note: Drying times will be slightly increased at lower temperatures and slightly decreased at higher temperatures.

See Product Data Sheet for more information.

Description  Value
Components 2 part sealer kit
Minimum consumption 1.92g/cm³ approximately.
Layer thickness 3 – 50mm
Weight combination 5kg
SDS Filler
SDS Resin

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