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EshaFlex and EshaGum

SBS Modified Reinforced Bitumen Membranes

EshaFlex 370 FireSafe


EshaFlex 370 FireSafe cap sheet is a fire protection top layer for EshaFlex exposed flat roofing systems. It provides a zero spread of flame risk, eliminating any potential for spread of flame and fire penetration risk. As EshaFlex 370 FireSafe cap sheet will not support flame, and as a consequence emits minimal smoke, the main hazard to life during a fire.

When a flame comes into contact with the surface of the EshaFlex 370 FireSafe cap sheet the presence of volcanic rock brings about an endothermic reaction within the membrane.  Heat is actually drawn from the flame to support a process of carbonisation in the cap sheet, so reducing the burn temperature. The resulting unbroken carbonised ‘shell’ then seals off combustible material beneath, denying the already-weakened flame further fuel and preventing any further combustion.

EshaFlex 370 FireSafe cap sheet is a torch applied SBS modified bituminised polyester/fibreglass composite cap sheet with a black mineral finish suitable for all types of roof with a flat or sloped roof construction on new build or refurbishment. Overlaps must be torched.

For all applicable roofing systems contact Radmat Building Products and see BBA certificate No. 15/5282.

For a comprehensive NBS J41 specification contact Radmat Building Products.


Torch applied to base sheet or suitable surface in accordance with the Radmat specification. Overlaps must be torched.

Roll Length 7m
Roll Width 1m
Thickness 4.5mm
Mass per unit area 5.2 kg/m2
Side Lap 120mm
End Lap 100mm
Delivery 25 rolls/pallet
Certification BBA 15/5282

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