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PDS BlackOut Roofing Surface Conditioner
A low viscosity, high penetration, cold applied bituminous solution.
PDS DCM25 Drainage Board
PDS DM10HD Drainage Element
PDS EshaPrimer
25L Primer
PDS EshaPUR 95/25
Oxidised Bitumen
PDS High Bond Polymer Primer
A quick drying green synthetic rubber based primer for use with hot melt waterproofing systems
PDS Insta Stik 750ml
Handy size roofing adhesive
PDS PermaQuik PQ6100
Hot Melt Monolithic Membrane
PDS PipePockets
For sealing flat roof penetrations
PDS PQ T1520 Double Sided Sealing Tape
PDS PQ2017 Reinforcing Fabric
PDS PQ2060 Detailing Membrane
PDS PQ2061 Detailing Membrane
PDS ProScreed X
Levelling Screed
PDS Red Primer
PDS Standard Protection Sheet XL
Used as secondary layer or a top surface over PermaQuik PQ6100
SIS Hot Air Agitator – Gas
Hot Air Melter
SIS Hot Melt Agitator – Electric
Hot Air Melter