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33 Central, EC4

33 Central is one of the best-located office buildings in Central London, being located near London Bridge, Monument and Bank, as well as within walking distance of major cultural sites such as the Tower of London and Borough Market and London’s Cycle Superhighway. 

Sustainability was high on JRA (John Robertson Architects) list of requirements when designing the roof of the building. To aid biodiversity and slow rain water run-off, Radmat was contracted to supply the insulation, waterproofing and green roof materials. 

With a market leading guarantee the BBA certified, PermaQuik Hot Melt Monolithic Membrane waterproofing system is set to deliver exceptional performance providing weathertight protection for the ‘design life of the building’.

As the rooftop, designed by Townsend Landscape Architects comprised 40 species of plants and flowers, it was vital that this expansive landscape was completely watertight. The naturalistic planting includes large areas of perennial plant mixes interspersed by swathes of grasses covering earth mounds so it was important that the roots could not penetrate the waterproofing membrane and damage the roof.  Texsa Root Barrier P was used to ensure this was not compromised. Finshed with MedO Green Roof System to aid attenuation this completed the waterproofing system for this stunning rooftop garden in the heart of the City.