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Waterproofing Cap Sheet

Texsa Root Barrier P

Radmat Texsa Root Barrier P is an APP plastomeric bitumen-based waterproofing membrane, with anti-root treatment for blue/ green roofing with non-woven polyester felt reinforcement. Coated with a PE Film on both sides Radmat Texsa Root Barrier P is suitable for green roof, blue roof and protected roof applications.

Radmat Texsa Root Barrier P is a Reinforced Bitumen Membrane Cap Sheet for use in a 2 layer EshaFlex system.

Suitable for all types of roof with a flat or sloped roof construction on new build or refurbishment.

For all applicable roofing systems contact Radmat Building Products.

For a comprehensive NBS J41 specification contact Radmat Building Products

Fire Performance When incorporated in a Radmat green roof, blue roof or protected roof application with either MedO GM20, MedO GM30 or MedO GM40 growing medium at a minimum settled depth of 80mm Broof(t1) to BS EN 13501-5 will be achieved.

Suitable Substrates
Timber, concrete, metal deck.

BBA certificate No. 97/3336

Torch applied to base sheet or suitable surface in accordance with the Radmat specification.
Overlaps must be torched. Side laps minimum 80mm. Head laps minimum 100mm.

Description  Value
Roll Length 10m
Roll Width 1m
External Fire Performance Broof(t1)
Side overlaps 80mm
End overlaps 100mm
BBA Certificate 97/3336

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