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MedO GM20 Extensive Substrate


Radmat GM20 Extensive Substrate provides a suitable growing medium for a self-sustaining plant community consisting of pre-grown sedum plug plants or pre-grown sedum blankets (see separate Product Data Sheets for species options). Consisting of a blend of water retaining aggregates, crushed brick and organic material, all composted material is from sustainable sources and the crushed brick element is a by-product or a second from the brick manufacturing industry and contains no demolition waste. Compliant with GRO substrate guidelines.


Sedum based green roofs using pre-grown sedum plugs or pre-grown sedum blanket. Install GM20 Extensive Substrate on either Radmat D25 or D40 drainage/reservoir board covered with G11 filter fleece in accordance with the Radmat specification.


Apply to a depth as specified according to plant type allowing 10% post installation settlement. Indicative substrate depths are given in the table below, however the specified depth will vary based on a variety of factors including design load, building location, building height, plant species etc. It is therefore important to consult the project specification.

Description Value
Composition Crushed bricks/compost
Bulk density – dry 850-900 to kg/m3
Bulk density – max water content 1060-1125 to kg/m3
Drainage Board Radmat D25/D40
Filter Fleece Radmat G11
Delivery Form 1.25m³ Bulk Bags/25 litre Sacks/Pallet
STRI Certification

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