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ReadySeal Traffideck E4 Primer

Traffideck E4 Primer is a formulated 100% solids epoxy primer and sealer for concrete, steel and timber surfaces. Supplied as a kit consisting of Part A Component Traffideck E4 Primer Resin and Part B Component Traffideck E4 Primer Curative. 

Surface Preparation
• All surface should be prepared strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and surface preparation document. 

• Cementitious substrate moisture content must not exceed 4% by volume and must be protected against rising damp. Surfaces must be dry and failure to comply with the above may result in failures. 

• The temperature of the substrate must be at least 3°C above the current dew point temperature. 

• All substrate repairs must be fully cured and compatible with any product that may be subsequently applied. The substrate must be of a load bearing quality. 

If there are any doubts about suitability a small trial area should be applied and tested for suitability. 

Mixing instructions
Traffideck E4 Primer is supplied in pre-weighed packages. It is essential that all of Part B (the hardener) is added to all of Part A (the resin) and mixed thoroughly in a separate 20 litre mixing vessel using an electric drill and missing paddle as slow speed (300 – 400 rpm) for a minimum of 2 minutes, ensuring a homogeneous streak free mix is achieved. This involves working the paddle around the sides and bottom of the vessel ensuing that no unmixed material remains. 

• Once fully mixed the Traffideck E4 Primer should be applied immediately to the substrate using a flat rubber or foam squeegee, twin-armed roller, brush or airless spray. It must then be back-rolled with a medium nap roller sleeve to fill voids and pores in the substrate. To provide a mechanical key the primer must be fully aggregated with 0.3 – 0.6mm kiln dried crystallised quartz sand immediately after the primer has been back-rolled. 

• Once the primer has cured to a tack-free state the excess kiln dried crystallised quartz sand must be removed using a stiff bristled broom or mechanical sweeper followed by vacuuming or compressed air blowing prior to over-coating. 

• Extremely porous substrates or substrates susceptible to rising damp/moisture may require a two-coat primer application in order to fully seal the surface, this should be determined by site trial. 

• If the surface is extremely rough, porous or textured Traffideck E4 Primer should be applied by roller. Consumption will increase and care must be taken to remove “puddles” of primer before broadcasting the aggregate. 

• Extra care must be taken to ensure all substrates are kept dry and the temperature of the substrate must remain at least 3°C above the current dew point temperature whilst curing. Failure to protect the primer from moisture during curing will have a detrimental effect in the adhesion between layers and must therefore be removed. 

• The workability of reacting material will be influenced by the substrate and ambient temperature. 

• Traffideck E4 Primer should be used at an ambient temperature of 7°C – 35°C, if the temperature falls below 7°C Traffideck E4 Primer should not be used. 

• Part A and Part B component temperature should be 15°C – 30°C at the time of processing. 

• Under no circumstances should applications be carried out in damp weather conditions or if rain is forecast. 

Components Two part system (mixture)
Appearance Colour to yellow
Theoretical coverage  40m² per 10 kg kit. 
Overcoating time Typically 4 hours at 20°C. 
Pot Life unopened, sealed 36 months
Application Temperatures 7°C – 35°C 
SDS Part A
SDS Part B

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