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ProTherm FLOORMATE™ 500, 700


ProTherm FLOORMATETM 500 & 700 inverted roof insulation are a rigid, closed cell type extruded polystyrene board with integral high density skin. ProTherm FLOORMATETM inverted roof insulation has a Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5 and an A rating in accordance with the Green Guide to Specification. For use with Inverted Roof Waterproofing such as PermaQuik PQ6100, EshaFlex, EshaUniversal and ParaFlex.

For a comprehensive NBS J31 specification contact Radmat Building Products.

Apply ProTherm FLOORMATETM insulation boards parallel to roof perimeter long edges. Stagger end joints. Lay ProTherm ProTherm FLOORMATETM insulation boards with edges in moderate contact without forcing.

Cut ProTherm FLOORMATETM insulation to fit neatly to perimeter blocking and around penetrations through roof, when using a 2nd layer stagger joints of insulation from first layer.

Apply no more ProTherm FLOORMATETM insulation than can be covered with aggregate ballast/concrete roof pavers/green roofing in the same day.

Keep ProTherm FLOORMATETM insulation minimum 75mm from heat emitting devices, and minimum 50mm from sidewalls of chimneys and vents.

Fire Performance

BS EN 13164 + BS EN 13501: Euroclass E

ProTherm FLOORMATETM products contain a flame retardant additive to inhibit accidental ignition from a small fire source. ProTherm FLOORMATETM is, however, combustible and if exposed to an intensive fire may burn rapidly.

When the product is used in the inverted roof concept, the roof may be considered to be of designation EXT.F.AA and therefore satisfies the requirements of the national Building Regulations (BBA Certificate No.13/4995).

Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) was phased out prior to the 21st August 2015.

FLOORMATE™, PERIMATE™, STYROFOAM™, XENERGY™ are Trademarks of DDP Specialty Electronic Materials US, Inc. (“DDP”) or an affiliated company of DDP.

Description  Value
Appearance Blue Skin
Board Width 600mm
Board Thickness 500 – 50/75
700 – 50/100mm
Board Length 1250mm
Edge Profile Shiplap
Thermal Conductivity <70mm – 0.034 W/mK
71-100mm 0.035 W/mK

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