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MedO S1 Wildflower Seed Mix


MedO S1 Wildflower Seed Mix is designed to replicate natural planting, combining species that will enhance the growth of each other as well as protecting and prolonging the life of your roof membrane. Radmat provide pre-grown sedum matting, wildflower seed mixes and more conventional plug plants varieties.


Seeds need both warmth and moisture to grow and may be sown at any time of year when these conditions are met.

The appropriate Radmat Growing Medium must be installed to the specified depth allowing for settlement.

Recommended sowing rates are 2-4g/m2, a rate allows for an extended period of establishment leaving room for both fast growing grasses and slower germinating flower seeds. Avoid sowing too heavily as this can lead to overcrowding or an imbalance in the establishment: the mix is designed to work optimally at the specified rate.

Description  Value
Seed mix Varied see PDS for detail
Sow between March-April, Aug-Sept
Recommended sowing rates  2-4g/m2
 Delivery form  Seed mix

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