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MedO Green Roof Systems

MedO D80 LOW Reservoir/Drainage Board


Radmat D80 LOW is a water storage element for intensive green roofing, underground garages and parking levels. It can also be used to form the base of planters. D80 LOW can be used for drainage below temporary car accessible green areas such as parking places or fire lanes. In Intensive green roofs D80 LOW provides a versatile solution to support with trees, shrubs, perennials or herb life.

Manufactured from high impact recycled polystyrene D80 LOW guarantees the drainage according to DIN 4095 with a filling volume up to 35 l/m2 and a water storage capacity of 30.5 l/m2.

Use with D80 Aggregate Infill when using for drainage under vehicle accessible areas, beneath planters and under paving.

D80 LOW is chemically neutral, rotproof and resistant to mould and bacteria. The large diffusion slots in the division bars allow for a long-term aeration without hindrance and improve the microbiological conditions for the plants.

Suitable for zero pitch inverted roofs.

For a comprehensive NBS J31 specification contact Radmat Building Products.

Description  Value
Length 1.94m
Width 0.94m
m2/each 1.822
Weight/board 4.01kg
Height 60mm
Filling volume 35 l/m2
Material Recycled polystyrene

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