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PDS MedO D25 Reservoir/Drainage Board
PDS MedO D40 Reservoir/Drainage Board
PDS DM25 Drainage Board
PDS GM40 Biodiverse Substrate
PDS GM30 Wildflower Substrate
PDS GM20 Extensive Substrate
PDS DM10HD Drainage Element
PDS MedO DM12 Drainage board
PDS DCM25 Drainage Board
PDS MedO D80 Aggregate Infill
PDS MedO Wildflower Plug
PDS Wildflower Mat
PDS MedO Intensive Growing Medium
PDS MedO D10 Water Storage & Filter Fleece
PDS MedO G12 Geotextile Filter Fleece
PDS MedO G11 Filter Fleece
PDS MedO D80 Reservoir/Drainage Board
PDS MedO Wildflower Seed Mix 2
PDS GS Range of Gravel Stops
PDS MedO Wildflower Seed Mix 1
PDS MedO SedumPlug
PDS MedO SedumPlus
PDS MedO GM10 Growing Medium