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ProTherm Angle Fillets


ProTherm Angle Fillets are manufactured from high density volcanic rock insulation and produced with an integral mineral coated glass fibre fleece. The ProTherm Angle Fillet is non-combustible and designed to fully support the waterproof membrane at 90° abutments, providing a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical interface at parapets walls, rooflights, upstands etc.

ProTherm Angle Fillet has been manufactured with an integral mineral coated glass fibre fleece, which for hot or cold applied bituminous membrane systems, secures a strong bond between membrane and insulation.

• Excellent heat resistance, ideal for torch applied bitumen systems

• Can help to prolong the life of the waterproof membrane

• Cost effective and easy to install

• A single size solution


• ProTherm Angle Fillet must be installed in dry conditions.
Place the angle fillet along the 90° abutment between the horizontal and vertical interface
• The angle fillet can easily be cut using a fine toothed saw
• Place the angle fillet in position with the glass fibre fleece facing outwards
• Fix the angle fillet to the horizontal surface using EshaStik.

Description  Value
Length 1200mm
Width 75mm
Thickness 30mm
Fire Classification A1 (BS EN13501-1) (Non-combustible)
Environmental Zero ODP & GWP
Recycled content 0.032 W/m

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