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Red Primer

Radmat Red Primer is designed for use with self adhesive SBS modified bitumen roofing membranes and is intended for use on concrete and various porous substrates to aid initial and long term adhesion of the membrane particularly when application is taking place at the lower end of the temperature range (+5°c) for these Membranes.

For best results ensure that surface to be primed is free from oil or dust.
• Sweep clean where necessary
• Apply thinly with roller in one sweep (the red colour will denote area treated)- refill roller if “cobwebbing” occurs.
• Avoid puddling of the primer
• Drying time will be affected by surface porosity, film thickness and temperature and can vary between 40-90minutes.
• Product will remain tacky even after dry. To test, using the back of a glove or dry object press into the primer and remove, there should be no transfer of the primer when the primer is ready.


Can with pour spout 5L
Weight 25kg
Appearance Red Liquid
Viscosity @20oC 150cp
Flash Point Non flammable as supplied
Temperature for use +5oC – rising

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