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MedO Green Roof Systems

MedO GS EdgeGuard

MedO GS EdgeGuard provides a fast and simple to install edge restraint system for gravel ballast retention on green roofs. They can also be used to create a hard break between gravel ballast and green roof growing mediums, maintaining gravel fire breaks and helping reduce vegetation transfer into the gravel margin. The slotted vertical face allows for water drainage whilst wide base leg provides restraint without requiring penetration of the waterproofing. Manufactured from aluminium each 2.4m length of MedO GS EdgeGuard is designed so that the folded end of the length can received the ‘tongue’ of another length of MedO GS EdgeGuard, eliminating the need for jointing pieces when used as a complete length. Each length also features a pre-relieved mitre section at the mid length point, enable quick and simple formation of corners and angles without the need for pre-made sections. MedO GS EdgeGuard is supplied self-finished as standard but can be supplied powder coated in any colour, contact Radmat Building Products for lead time. Curved lengths are also available. These require a separate jointing piece for each length

Loose lay over a suitable Radmat waterproofing membrane, ProTherm inverted roof insulation WFRL or MedO drainage/retention board. Connect each length by slotting the tongue into the folded end of the next piece. Where MedO GS Edge Guard needs to be cut to length ensure the correct end is cut to enable location in to the lengths on either side. Jointing pieces are available should they be required.



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