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MedO Green Roof Systems

MedO GS Range of Gravel Stops

The GS range of gravel stops is designed with a large base to provide stability in a variety of green or ballasted roof applications. The slotted vertical face allows for the flow of water in a range of applications including:

– as an edge restraint.

– as a retainer for MedO substrate.

– as a retainer for ballast.

– to separate differing materials.

Comprising straight lengths, flexible curved sections and connection pieces GS gravel stops are available in eight standard sizes and can be cut to length or a variety of shapes
on site using standard tooling.

Loose lay over a suitable Radmat waterproofing membrane, ProTherm XPS inverted roof insulation or MedO drainage/retention board. Joint individual lengths together using GS connection pieces.

Length 2400mm
Width 100-200mm
Height 50-300mm
Material Aluminium (straight or curved)
Appearance Pre-punched and profiled


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