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Single Layer Membranes

EshaUniversal SA

EshaUniversal SA is a self-adhesive single layer Thermoplastic Polyolefin modified reinforced bitumen roofing membrane suitable for bonded application on all types of roof with a flat or sloped roof construction on new build or refurbishment.

For all applicable roofing systems see Esha Systems Information Sheets and KOMO certificate.

For a comprehensive NBS J41 specification contact Radmat Building Products.

EshaUniversal SA can be easily applied through the self-adhesive coating to a substrate treated with Esha SA Primer.

Overlaps must be heat welded with electrically heated hot air or a gas torch.

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Description  Value
Roll Width 1.0m
Thickness 3.5mm
Roll Length 10m
Mass per unit area 3.5kg/m2
Side Lap 80mm
End Lap 100mm
Overlaps Hot air or torch welded

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