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EshaBond PU

EshaBond PU is part of a range of high-performing fleeced-backed membrane adhesives. Other products within the range include: EshaBond PU Solvent-Free Membrane Adhesive and EshaBond PU Water-Based Membrane Adhesive. All products are single-component one-way stick adhesives.

Benefits of EshaBond PU High-Tack Membrane Adhesive: 
• Securely bonds membranes to PIR insulation board
• Reduces task time
• Minimises project costs
• Protects contractor reputation
• Maximises contractor/ building safety

EshaBond PU is a specialist high-tack adhesive for bonding fleece-backed membranes to PIR insulation board (tissue and foil-faced).

It has been developed by expert chemists for Radmat and offers your contractor many benefits.

Securely bonds fleece-backed membranes to PIR insulation board: due to its high tack and excellent adhesion EshaBond PU securely bonds fleece-backed membranes to PIR insulation board (tissue and foil-faced) due to its high tack. It creates a strong initial bond between the fleece-backed membrane and the PIR insulation board, which prevents the membrane from lifting. This simplifies the process of laying membranes for your contractor. The excellent adhesion properties of EshaBond PU also ensure a strong and lasting bond between the fleece-backed membrane and PIR insulation board.

Reduces task time: it is a high tack single-component one-way stick moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive
Time is money for your contractor. EshaBond PU reduces task time; it is simple to apply with a lambs-wool roller. This is because it is a single-component one-way stick moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive. EshaBond PU also allows your contractor to move from one task to the other quickly due to its initial strong grip (high tack) and fast cure time. It has been developed to cure rapidly at a wide range of temperatures (5-30°C).

Minimises project costs: it eliminates the need for specialist application equipment and has an excellent coverage rate
Your contractor does not require specialist equipment to apply EshaBond PU, which means there is no need for significant capital investment. EshaBond PU is also extremely economical to use due to its excellent coverage rate of 100m2/20L.

Protects contractor reputation: it promotes longevity of the roof
Your contractor knows the importance of laying a long-lasting roof in order to protect his/her reputation. EshaBond PU promotes longevity because it is elastomeric, heat-resistant and durable. Using EshaBond PU also reduces the need for intrusive
and damaging mechanical fixings/fasteners.

Maximise contractor/building safety: it eliminates ‘hot works’ and is a non- flammable product
Many contractors are turning away from ‘hot works’ due to concerns over safety and rising insurance costs. EshaBond PU maximises contractor/building safety because it eliminates the need for ‘hot works’, which also helps to reduce costs. EshaBond PU is also safe to store on site because it is a non-flammable product.

• Ensure all surfaces are free from dust, grease and other contaminants.
• Apply EshaBond PU directly to the insulation board with a lambs-wool roller.
• Leave the insulation board for 10 minutes in order to allow the solvent to escape from the adhesive film.
• Roll the fleece-backed membrane into EshaBond PU and consolidate substrates to prevent any air entrapment.

Description  Value
Weight 22kg
Appearance Liquid
 Colour Blue
Application temp 5-30 ̊C
Coverage 100m2/20L (22kg)
Environmental Solvent-based/Non-Flammable

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