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Angel Court, Bank

Fletcher Priest Architects were appointed on the construction of the Angel Court house site, with the ambition to inject a new social community into the area, as well as an exquisite reconstruction of the thriving financial aspect of the area, being situated in Bank.

Main roofing contractor Prater worked together with Radmat to deliver a hot melt package on this 25 storey project which provides 30,000 sq ft of new office space, including 4,300 sq ft being dedicated to the sky floors which offer panoramic views of London. Logistically the project was especially challenging with the commercial and residential elements being built concurrently – limiting the distribution of materials on site severely.

The project features five roof gardens and terraces – a worthy addition to Bank Conservation Area. As is the case with natural roofing, the chances of leaks and water damage are increased, hence Radmat’s PermaQuik PQ1600 Hot Melt Monolithic waterproofing system was chosen in order to ensure that all rooftop gardens and all concrete decks were completely watertight with minimal runoff. It was also chosen due to its BBA certified durability for ‘the lifetime of the building’.

To meet the thermal requirements, ProTherm QuantumPLUS was chosen due to its reduced thickness, as the upstaged height was insufficient to allow the installation of a normal XPS. Subsequently, the installation allowed the required U-value and the Part-M access requirements to be met without compromising the building’s aesthetics. This was also the first installation of ProThermQuantumPLUS globally.