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MedO Green Roof Systems

MedO GM30 Extensive Growing Medium


Radmat GM30 Extensive Growing Medium provides a suitable base for a self-sustaining plant community consisting of pre-grown sedum plug plants or pre-grown sedum blankets (see separate Product Data Sheets for species options). Consisting of a blend of 2/5mm, 5/10mm and 5/15mm grades of crushed brick mixed with 10mm PAS100 green compost. Compliant with GRO substrate guidelines.


Biodiverse green roofs and ‘Brown’ roofs. Install GM30 extensive growing medium on either Radmat D25 or D40 drainage/reservoir board covered with G11 filter fleece in accordance with the Radmat specification.


Apply to a depth as specified according to plant type allowing 10% post installation settlement. Indicative substrate depths are given in the table below, however the specified depth will vary based on a variety of factors including design load, building location, building height, plant species etc. It is therefore important to consult the project specification.

Description Value
Composition Crushed bricks/compost
Drainage Board Radmat D25/D40
Filter Fleece Radmat G11
Delivery Form 1.2m³ Bulk Bags/25 litre Sacks/Pallet

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