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Warm Roof Uniform Thickness Insulation

ProTherm PIR OSB Comp


ProTherm PIR OSB Comp is a rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation and OSB composite for use in new build and refurbishment projects.

ProTherm PIR OSB Comp is a rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core faced with an exterior grade FSC Certified Grade 3 OSB and an aluminum foil backing. The PIR foam core is temperature tolerant and withstands the application of hot bitumen to the surface temperature of 240°C.

For a comprehensive NBS J42 or J41 specification contract Radmat Building Products.

ProTherm PIR MFGT tapered is compliant with BS 4841-4:2006, BBA No. 07/4487


ProTherm PIR OSB Comp should be laid so that each long edge coincides with the centre of a joist. Noggings should be used to support all edges of ProTherm PIR OSB Comp which are not fully supported by the joists and at points where the board is cut to fit openings etc.

ProTherm PIR OSB Comp should be fixed to joists set at a maximum of 600mm centres, with the timber side uppermost and the board laid with the long edge running along the joist. Where an overall vapour control layer is required, this should be achieved by applying a continuous bead of mastic (i.e. Neutral curing silicone sealant) to the upper surface of all supporting timber. ProTherm PIR OSB Comp should be laid onto the mastic and fixed with round-headed screws, spaced at 300mm centres down the line of each joist and / or noggin.

The screws should be long enough to allow a minimum 35mm penetration of the supporting timber and be positioned not less than 10mm from the edge of the board or 50mm from the corner. Where two ProTherm PIR OSB Comp panels are fixed to the same joist or noggin, the fixing centres should be staggered. The ProTherm PIR OSB Comp panels should be lightly butted and all edges must be supported by a minimum of 20mm bearing onto the face of the supporting timber.

Description  Value
Board Width 1200mm
Board Thickness 99m, 109mm, 119mm, 129mm, 139mm, 149mm, 159mm
Board Length 2400mm
Board weight (120m thick) 28kg
Edge Profile Square cut
Certificates BBA No. 07/4487

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