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PDS MedO D25 Reservoir/Drainage Board
PDS MedO D40 Reservoir/Drainage Board
PDS DM10HD Drainage Element
PDS MedO DM12 Drainage board
PDS DCM25 Drainage Board
PDS MedO D80 Aggregate Infill
PDS MedO Wildflower Plug
PDS Wildflower & Sedum Mat
PDS MedO Intensive Growing Medium
PDS MedO D10 Water Storage & Filter Fleece
PDS MedO G12 Filter Fleece
PDS MedO G11 Filter Fleece
PDS MedO D80 Reservoir/Drainage Board
PDS MedO Wildflower Seed Mix 2
PDS GS Range of Gravel Stops
PDS MedO Wildflower Seed Mix 1
PDS MedO SedumPlug
PDS MedO SedumPlus
PDS MedO GM10 Growing Medium